Kanken backpack has become one of Fjallraven’s most popular products

Kanken was launched in 1978 in collaboration with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association. More than 35 years later, Kanken has straightened out millions of backs and become one of Fjallraven’s most popular products. All we have changed are the colours, as well as releasing a few variants, such as Kanken Laptop.

This revolutionary design now known as the Kanken evenly distributed the bag’s weight to both shoulders which led to reduced back problems in Sweden. Not much has changed since 1978. We’ve added more colors and a few new models including mini and laptop versions.kanken backpack

Hi there. I have the exact same bag. You can easily fit a lever arch A4 file in the main compartment. However your 40cm lap top might be a bit of a squeeze. I use my bag to carry a laptop but mine’s a bit smaller (36cm x 25cm) . The bag is also very strong and hardwaring. I hope this information is useful.

Designed with hardwearing Vinylon fabric, Fjallraven’s iconic Kanken backpack is the perfect size for day trips and tough enough to take on your greatest adventures. Convertible straps give you carrying options, it has a removable seat pad, and the inside sleeve fits up to a 15″ laptop.

If you are looking for a city bag, I would recommend the Kanken. If you aren’t in Vancouver, BC or near one of the Fjallraven stores, you can order online. Fjallraven also has a large selection of outdoor gear to keep you warm and dry. The Kanken will be joining me when I head to Seattle in July, and on all my future adventures including a day bag for Cuba.kanken mini backpack

The lid on the Fjallraven Kanken Rucksack borrows from Fjallraven’s best selling backpacks in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The lid features two leather straps that run through a leather loop or track on the lid; the leather straps then run through a metal loop on the body of the backpack and are then anchored in four different positions, depending on the load you are carrying in the backpack.

Fjallraven Unisex Kanken Backpack was originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978 and has become an iconic versatile backpack for both adults and children around the world. I bought the large and I am very happy I did. I have yet to encounter a situation where I have run out of space. If you’re under 6′ I would recommend the medium, it would look weird otherwise.

Clearly, the company is riding the retro or vintage wave with its idiosyncratic line. The look is pure and classic 1960s and ’70s design, like an LL Bean catalog page from decades back. It conjures nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings to anyone who grew up camping and hiking in similar gear.

The straps feature a hint of padding within the fabric portion, while the leather section features 11 pre-drilled holes to allow the wearer to get a custom fit. The back panel of the Fjallraven Kanken Rucksack has two strips of padding that run the length of the backpack.kanken backpack black

There are 2 side bottle pockets, which I really enjoy now that I start taking coffee with me as well as water. The bag is designed very well for water-resistance, the hood on top fits over everything. The material itself is very durable and doesn’t let water in very easily. Fjallraven Kanken is famous here in Sweden for the time their products last. I have a friend who ‘s had a backpack for almost 15 years and it still looks good and intact.

Affordable Luxury This Kanken bag feels and looks so luxurious in person! The leather is soft to the touch and the luggage color has a hint of warmth with its tan hues…its simply delightful. The luggage color is also bright enough to be a year round carry (as opposed to a dark camel). I am very picky about bags particularly when it comes to mismatched hardware; not a concern on this bag. The hardware not only matches (e.g. zippers, clasps, straps) its shiny, but not too shiny.

Don’t think twice…treat yourself! You will not regret this choice!PS-the sizing is ‘barely medium’ not a true medium bag by today’s standards… It can be carried as such because they have installed two loops at the top to do just that.  When school ends and you don’t want to hit the pub with your backpack (cause that just ain’t hip), you can switch to tote-mode (hipper?).  I’m referring to University students here, of course.kanken daypack

Medium-size backpack in classic Fjallraven Kanken style, made from a more durable version of Fjallraven’s waxed G-1000 material. Perfect for both everyday use in town or time spent in the forest. The clean lines and functional details in natural tone leather mean that it meets all of the requirements to become a favourite for many years to come.

This pocket can hold a traditional bike water bottle, Camelback water bottles, Stanley coffee mugs/thermos/water bottle, yet a standard Nalgene bottle is a tight fit. I have also used the bottle pocket to place my charge cords for my computer, phone, and tablet.

First backpack received was a fake, but the second one ordered through Prime was legit. It’s a great design that is stylish and appears durable. I’ll be updating this review after putting it through the rigors of day to day use. I decided on this pack after my long search for the perfect kanken mini backpack.

They are the exact right dimensions to fit in the basket of our MacLaren stroller without needed to be forced. The only issue we had is that the zippers are a bit stiff and were a challenge for our three year old, although I would imagine they will get easier to use over time.kanken bag navy blue

The main compartment is loaded from the top, comes equipped with a snow lock and has an inner pocket with a padded bottom to hold a laptop. It also has a removable seat pad and a pocket that holds a thermos in an upright position, and the light-coloured lining makes it easier to see the contents.

Ever since Fjallraven was founded just over 50 years ago, the company has had one strong driving force: to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy the countryside. Last month, I picked up the Fjallraven Kanken bag from their first Canadian store in Vancouver, BC. The company was started over 50 years ago, in Sweden. They excel at producing gear for the outdoors to the city. Their logo is an arctic fox and they are helping these endangered animals survive. An interesting fact, Fjallraven also means arctic fox in Swedish.

Fjallraven kanken Friluft Forest Pack FEATURES of the Fjallraven Friluft Forest Pack Lightweight backpack with Friluft Ventilation Comfortable and lightweight backpack designed for hunting, especially bird hunting Expandable side pockets in durable nylon stretch Ammunition slots in left hip belt pocket Bird bag in Safety Orange for easy.

The Kanken Laptop Backpack may have a throwback look, yet it accommodates modern day needs. kankenFor starters, the Fjallraven Rucksack has a padded laptop sleeve incorporated into the back panel. There is also an included bottle pocket to help keep a thermos or water bottle upright.

I bought this bag for myself (adult) and I love it! It’s very sturdy and cute. I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it. It’s not soft and squishy, it is a stiff Kanken backpack. However, it’s water proof and will last forever. I like that it keeps it’s shape and has lots of pockets. I own two of them. The Sand and Graphite both are lovely colors, though I will say I love Graphite a bit more.

It really stands out, their colour selection in store and on their website is huge. I picked my top three colours and spent over ten minutes trying to decide. The handles are durable, I’ve broken some on previous Kanken bags before and these seem like they will stand up.

The small pocket is great to help keep key items secure, however if the pocket is not tucked within the seat pad pocket, I found that it obscured my view of the inside of the pack by flapping over the opening of the pack. There are two external vertical pockets that are good for an umbrella or stashing extra layers, such as gloves and a hat. My favorite pocket is the large front pocket for items that you need to get to while on the go.kanken-backpack

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kanken backpack has since become a most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the world. Made from our durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the Kanken is unparalleled in its functionality and design. I bought my Kanken in the middle of 2013.

It’s a Kanken Classic in Deep Red. It’s about as minimal as can be while still being able to hold a laptop, textbooks, notebooks, or a variety of items for different uses such as hiking, photographing, beach, etc. It’s also weatherproof which is a huge plus!

I have a bad back, and decided it was better to have a backpack rather than a shoulder bag, which constantly leaves my spine out of alignment. I went for the “mini” version so I wouldn’t be tempted to overfill it and make it too heavy. It’s a perfect size. I’m used to something bigger, only for carrying a book sometimes along with daily things, but I can fit novel-sized books in this.

But let’s all be honest – you want one of these babies so much because a Fjallraven Kanken is a seriously beautiful cult classic. It’s rugged vintage eye candy for your shoulders.kanken laptop backpack There are a plethora of other functional backpacks that’ll keep your stuff dry, but if you’re a fan of the magical coupling of style and substance and you’re keen to invest in kit that will go the distance and look good whilst doing it, pick a Fjallraven piece.

The classic Kanken backpack features a YKK zipper that opens the entire main compartment, making it easy to put in or take out items, and two side pockets and one front zippered pocket for quick and easy access. The simple, supple shoulder straps and top handle are made to carry your load comfortably, while the pack is constructed from very hardwearing and water repellent Vinylon fabric.

Although I usually use it just for my daily trips from my home to my office (20 minute subway ride), the color is already disappearing. The fabric when from deep red to pink-ish and then white in several parts (even though I hardly ever let it in the sun).

Scandinavian design has long been known for offering practical, functional pieces that are beautiful to behold but are meant to be used.kanken_backpack Based on a classic design first offered in the ’70s for Swedish school children, this kanken laptop backpack is crafted from durable, water-resistant Vinylon F fabric and features a padded compartment in back to safely store your tech.

This is my first fjallraven kanken backpack and I got the ocean green colour and I love it. I can actually fit my 15 inch laptop in it which I’m happy about – I was considering to get the special laptop kanken but it was just way too expensive. I’m exited to see how it wears though!

This is a knock-off Fjallraven backpack. I know this because I already own a legitimate Fjallraven backpack and the material used in this one is nowhere near the quality. Not even close. Also, one other dead giveaway is the spelling error on the tag. Fjallraven I don’t think so. I’m absolutely disgusted at what I’ve received. I have attached photos as proof and to help other buyers identify fake backpacks. I’ve also included a comparison of the tag against the one for my real Kanken.

This is a lovely color, and I’m sure would work for someone who is going to be doing some hard traveling…but as a tote, not so much. It’s very stiff fabric – “sturdy” is definitely the word – and much slimmer than I would have expected. You *could* carry a bunch of stuff but it would end up looking overstuffed. The straps are very thin, and slippery – wouldn’t stay on my shoulder.kanken mini purple

Vinylon F fabric is exceptionally durable and water resistant for reliable day-to-day use. Top carry handles and shoulder straps provide versatile carry options. Removable seat pad gives you a comfy place to sit while waiting at the bus stop or lunching outside. Front zippered pocket provides quick access to essential items.

Classic Kanken backpack with zipper that opens the entire main compartment. Very hardwearing vinyl fabric. Removable seat cover at the back. Simple shoulder straps and handle on top. Reflector in the logo. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and the quality is great. It’s only getting 4 stars because the zip on the small front pocket, and the pocket itself, is a little awkward to use. I think it’s because there’s a flap over it, which makes it more waterproof. I just keep something in there I don’t need to use all the time and it’s fine.

Scandinavian design has long been known for offering practical, functional pieces that are beautiful to behold but are meant to be used. Based on a classic design first offered in the ’70s for Swedish school children, this kanken laptop backpack is crafted from durable, water-resistant Vinylon F fabric and features a padded compartment in back to safely store your tech.kanken mini

Very light but lots of room to put your stuff in. The product is more like khaki than brown, but I liked it better in actual color. It is modern and casual that you can carry with you for school, travelling, etc. I am very happy with the purchase and looking forward to use it everyday!

It also looks the business – Fjallraven Kanken ’s famed G-1000 heavy-duty waxed cotton just gets better with use, and the leather detailing, from the sleepy arctic fox on the front to the neat little tag pronouncing the bag ‘Designed to Last by Fjallraven”, is a work of art.

The Kanken is made of Vinylon F, a highly durable, abrasion and water resistant fabric that softens with age and washes and becomes increasingly robust as the fibers in the fabric tighten from use. Since 1960 Fjallraven has stayed true to its mission; developing timeless, functional and durable outdoor equipment while acting responsibly toward people, animals and the environment. Inspired by the outdoors, Fjallraven inspires others to get outside.

It’s a great size! It’s not a large bag by any means. But IMO it’s perfect. I hate huge bags with tons of pockets everywhere. It just confuses me and makes me want to stuff it with stuff that I really don’t need to lug around all day. With that said, I fill my diaper bag with diapers for two kids (1 and 3 year olds)… Plus wipes, Kleenex, changes of clothes for both, a small changing pad, and my wallet…mini kanken backpack

Fjallraven means Arctic Fox in Swedish, honoring the small and highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions. From the small town of bag, Fjallraven has now expanded to every corner in the world. The fundamental ideas remain the same; provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable for all. We continue to find smart, innovative solutions to make every adventure an unforgettable one.

This is a super durable pack with beautiful lines and clean seams (no hanging strings). I love it but it is pretty small so I’m exchanging for the medium. It is not comfortable if you have a lot of heavy books in it because they dig into your back. I’m hoping that with a larger pack this won’t be as much of a problem.

A sturdy Fjallraven Kanken backpack, detailed with a reflective logo patch and front zip pocket. Patch side pockets offer easy access to essentials, and a 2-way, wraparound zip secures the top.kanken_laptop_backpack A removable foam panel adds extra protection to the deep, interior patch pocket. Double handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Weight: 8oz / 0.22kg. Height: 11in / 28cm. Length: 8in / 20.5cm. Depth: 3in / 7.5cm.

Fashionable This is a great handbag. I purchased it for my daughter-in-law and she loved it. It is fashionable and goes with everything. Great tote! I purchased the pink/taupe tote and I love it!! It easily fits everything I need for school/work, errands or travel. Already one of my favorite bags and you can’t beat the price! Quality is higher than I would expect for a bag under $50. I’ve used it twice and already received several compliments!

With tons of room to spare (about half the bag left). I can totally put my giant 40oz water flask in there too, along with two kids water cups and two lightweight fleece jackets for my kiddos. I use the front pocket for quick access snacks, and my keys.

The Kanken daypack was originally smaller than I anticipated, but I was impressed that it could still easily fit a 13″ Macbook Pro with case and a few other accessories. The straps are not padded, however, it felt comfortable enough. Outside of producing gear for the outdoors, they share one of my passions, which is getting people outdoors, into nature and making sure the natural environment will be around for future generations to enjoy.infinite boy band kanken bag Fjallraven and I share the belief ‘’… That if more people spend time in nature, more people will be advocate its preservation.” -Fjallraven

It’s comfy to wear. Literally feels better than those petunia pickle bottom backpack type bags. This is a backpack after all, not a “diaper bag”. They are in the business of good feeling backpacks!!! I purchased a “bag in kanken bag”, which is the perfect size for this pack. It’s literally a small bag that has a few zippered pockets and slots for misc things. This is where I store all the diapers/extra clothes/wipes so it’s easier to reach in and grab. I got it off amazon as well. It’s a good option if you would like a little more organization.

The Kanken rucksack is loaded from the top, and a snow lock pulls tight shut to keep everything safe from rain and sleet. An internal pocket will hold a bottle of water upright, and the whole thing feels comfortable and light, even after hiking for miles.

Fjallraven Kanken means Arctic Fox in Swedish, honoring the small and highly adaptable predator that lives in the Swedish mountains under the harshest conditions. From the small town of ornskoldsvik, Fjallraven has now expanded to every corner in the world. The fundamental ideas remain the same; provide functional, durable, and timeless equipment to make the outdoors more enjoyable for all.Kanken_Mini-large We continue to find smart, innovative solutions to make every adventure an unforgettable one.

I love the colors, but wish I’d chosen an all-solid one, so that it would look a little more “grown-up.” It is a kid’s bag. Also, bear in mind that your monitor screen will almost never exactly match the color of the product you order. Cute bag! Love the logo – it’s kinda foxy!! (pun intended). I’ve been on the hunt for a minimalist bag also and have been finding it difficult to find one that was water resistance. Must check it out.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack FEATURES of the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Popular backpack in hardwearing Vinylon F fabric Carried as a backpack or a bag via covertible straps Removable seat pad and front/side pockets Name and address label on inside of pack SPECIFICATIONS of the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack 100% Vinylal Webbing: 100% Polypropylene Height: 38 cm Width: 27 cm Depth: 13 cm Volume: 16 liter Zipper: YKK Weight: 300 g.

In each Kanken, there is a removable back pad. Be sure to keep this in it’s place as it was designed to be used with it…I thought it was packaging. The bag is lightweight and the fabric used seems to be of high quality and fairly water resistance.

For pretty much all intents and purposes, this is a great bag. I’m a city bicycle commuter and student that regularly bikes between 5 and 10 miles a day with lots of books, and I’m really impressed (and frankly somewhat baffled) by how well the flimsy looking straps distribute weight.kanken rucksack

Fjallraven’s Kanken backpack is the classic that will always be cool. Designed in 1978 and still just as relevant today with durable polyvinyl, roomy main zip compartment and easily accessible front + side pockets. Complete with adjustable woven shoulder straps and dual top handles for easy carrying. Stylishly compact backpack for everyday use, the Fjallraven Kanken rucksack features an extremely durable Vinylon exterior and includes an internal pocket with a foam pad that allows the pack to double as a seat cushion!

This Kanken backpack is very sturdy and durable. I take to school (college) everyday and it is very comfortable. The straps are padded so it makes carrying the backpack more comfortable too. The compartment on the inside is is separated into 2 spaces. The main compartment and a pocket for a tablet or a laptop.

Amazing ! Such nice quality! Worth the money. Seems like a sturdy bag been using everyday for school. Only down side is the fishy smell but it goes away. Practical Buy Considering that this is faux leather, it is still very attractive. Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kanken has since become a most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the world.kanken laptop 15

Now your little cub can have the coolest backpack on the playground. Small main compartment to hold all your daily essentials. Front zip pocket for additional storage. Side slip pocket for water bottle. Dual top handles with snap closure for toting. I absolutely love this kanken bag and I chose this one mainly for it’s uniqueness to me. This bag is still good even though it has been fading but I’ve chosen to no longer use it.

This is my second Kanken and it’s just as amazing as the first one. The Ocean Green colour is really vibrant and it looks amazing. The bag is definitely not for carrying a laptop or anything, but it’s really good for day trips. It is extremely comfortable and looks great. Love it!

Why? Because I started to notice this past winter that many more people are owning this bag(in my hometown). So this bag no longer has that uniqueness factor I liked so much and now i’m off to search for another one.

Pronounced ‘Fee-yall Raven’ – This brand is Hugely popular in Europe because of its long lasting and simple, classic designs. kankenminibackpackOriginally Built for Swedish school children more than 30 years ago, virtually every generation of Scandinavian youth have worn Fjall Raven’s Classic Kanken Backpack. The classic design is the same today and remains just as popular.

Fjallraven kanken backpacks and bags are designed to help immerse yourself in nature. Fjallraven backpacks are designed with a wealth of experience to enhance your countryside ramble, mountain hike or city walk. I love mine still! I agree, the most difficult part is choosing a colour, it took me about an hour to decide. I wouldn’t say it is super comfortable but for me, it works and isn’t uncomfortable. I tend to pack a lot but usually it isn’t too heavy. You may want to consider the padded straps that you can buy separately that would make it more comfortable.

Founded by Nordin in Sweden in the 1960s, Fjallraven backpacks are quickly becoming a wardrobe staple. Featuring a frame to help spread the interior weight, Fjallraven backpacks and bags are both easier to wear and more comfortable to carry.

Big version of the iconic backpack from Swedish make Fjallraven. kanken Big Backpack in Purple is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F fabric. The large main compartment with a big zip opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zipped pocket in the front. Handle at the top, narrow but padded shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector.  fjaler kanken bag fashion

Ideal For school, day trips, or biking to work the kanken is a colourful, durable and long lasting backpack for kids and adults. The Bag’s fabric – Vinylon F – is water resistant and actually swells when it comes in contact with water, making the weave dense and less permeable. The fabric starts stiff and tough, softening with use and washes, and lasts years.

The Fjallraven Kanken was originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, and has become a beloved icon for kids and adults around the world. Durable Vinylon F material repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, while the vast color palette complements every task and style.

Every monitor looks different, every photo is different (lighting, camera, etc). I find it’s helpful to look at as many photos of an item as possible (manufacturer’s website, amazon, other sellers), to find an “average” of what something might look like – definitely did that with this bag. The photo here is dark (on my monitor), but I prefer what the product actually looks like. I love both colors, but might have preferred either one as a solid for the bag (both are available).kanken mini for kids

These Kanken bags have a removable foam pad inserted at the back for comfort while carrying. Remove it to sit and kneel on when having lunch or taking a break – just like Scandinavian kids!. The packs have one large main compartment, one zippered front pouch, two side stuff pockets, comfortable carry handles and adjustable backpack straps.

Kanken Backpack Small may be best suited for those with small computers or tablets and those that don’t need to carry to much. In a regular day I have my backpack stuffed with my laptop, lunch, a change of clothes for the gym, water bottle and coffee mug.